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Find the right solutions to help you solve your toughest business challenges and explore new opportunities with sharehoist.


Whether it's the manufacture of building elements, tunnel and pipeline construction, or the realization of mobile architectural marvels, SHAREHOIST offers tailored solutions to meet the industry's unique demands. Trust SHAREHOIST to drive innovation, efficiency, and precision in construction, making bold visions a reality.

Powering Construction Industry Innovations

Whenever buildings or infrastructure projects take shape worldwide, SHAREHOIST installations and drive systems are at the forefront. Our presence extends beyond construction sites, reaching the prefabrication of building elements. We specialize in providing solutions for mobile architectural elements, including traveling roof sections and rotating buildings.

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Manufacture of Building Elements

In industrial pre-production operations, regardless of the material used, such as concrete, steel, lime, or wood, building elements need to be efficiently picked up and transported. SHAREHOIST offers the perfect solution to meet diverse needs. With our hoist systems, even challenging loads like concrete pillars or laminated wooden beams can be lifted and accurately positioned.

Tunnel and Pipeline Construction

Leading manufacturers of construction machinery and local construction companies trust SHAREHOIST. Many of the world's most important tunnels were drilled using tunneling machines produced with the aid of our hoists. Our portal hoists play a vital role at tunnel and pipeline construction sites by lowering machine parts and accessories into the shafts with precision.

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Mobile Architecture

Innovative architectural concepts demand technical excellence, and SHAREHOIST delivers. We provide solutions for challenging requirements in the construction industry, such as indoor swimming pools that transform into open-air pools, bridges that rotate to the side, and panorama restaurants that revolve around their own axis.