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Mechanical Engineering

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Empowering Mechanical Engineering

As a reliable partner to the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, SHAREHOIST has been delivering tailored solutions for overhead load handling for decades. Our comprehensive range of lift and hoist product caters to the diverse needs of the mechanical engineering sector, offering products that range from lifting equipment for individual workstations to integrated logistics solutions for production facilities.

Reliability, precision, rugged design, and adherence to the highest technical standards are the hallmarks of all our products. This ensures the uninterrupted operation of installations and the seamless flow of our customers' processes. These principles remain consistent across our solutions, serving both local companies and major industrial enterprises.

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General Mechanical Engineering

Our cranes and hoists provide ergonomic solutions for workstations in the mechanical engineering sector, enabling gentle and precise handling of workpieces. Whether it's storage, machine servicing, in-house transport, or shipping operations, our cranes and hoists optimize load handling to maximize efficiency.

Heavy Mechanical Engineering

With our wide range of lift andhoist products, we equip all stages of the heavy machinery production process. Our hoist installations, operating on multiple levels, offer integrated logistics solutions for mechanical and plant engineering applications. Workplace hoists support assembly processes, overhead traveling hoists facilitate part transportation, and upper-level hoists handle heavy load parts and completed installations.

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Material Handling

SHAREHOIST's lift and hoist technology plays a crucial role in handling valuable machinery and installations. For instance, our overhead traveling hoists efficiently load vehicles for further transportation.

At SHAREHOIST, we are dedicated to empowering the mechanical engineering industry with reliable and innovative load handling solutions.