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Mining Industry

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Meeting the Challenges Head-on

Featuring a compact and robust design, these hoists boast a 100% duty rating, minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. Their resilience has been proven time and again in the extreme mining environment, ensuring the highest long-term value.

Mining Industry

The mining industry is known for its tough, dirty, and dangerous nature, encompassing some of the most demanding applications. It also holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the original air hoist.

mining industry
Coal mining in an open pit

Navigating Environmental Challenges

Operating in the underground mining industry means encountering a wide range of environmental challenges. Dust, dirt, high humidity, and the need to maneuver in tight spaces are just some of the conditions miners face. Lifting, dragging, and oblique pulling are integral parts of their operations.

Above all, safety remains the paramount concern, leaving no room for errors. The industry places great importance on explosion protection, prevention, and spark resistance measures.

Advantages & Benefits of SHAREHOIST

With a wealth of experience, hoists from SHAREHOIST have been meticulously designed and manufactured to cater specifically to the needs of the mining industry.

These hoists employ a pneumatic or hydraulic drive system that is explosion-proof. They generate no sparks, require no electricity, and are suitable for vertical, horizontal, and oblique pulling applications. Further information on hazardous area explosion-proof classifications can be found here.

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