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SHAREHOIST Focus on Offshore Application

Choose SHAREHOIST for your offshore heavy lifting needs and experience the difference that tailored solutions and industry expertise can make in maximizing your offshore operations' success.

SHAREHOIST, with a strong focus on its Special Projects business unit, boasts decades of hands-on experience in delivering tailor-made heavy lifting tools for the offshore industry. Our expertise allows us to assist even the most demanding EPC contractors, providing inventiveness, practical knowledge, and a flexible approach to project execution. With full control over the development process, from design to fabrication and testing, we ensure the highest quality standards for our heavy lifting solutions, complying with applicable codes and standards such as DNV, ABS, and LLOYD.


The offshore industry relies heavily on heavy lifting activities, whether it's constructing or decommissioning offshore infrastructure. EPC contractors often face the challenge of lifting and handling heavy components and structures between quayside and various offshore locations. The offshore environment introduces complexities, including unstable weather conditions and the marine environment, which significantly increase the risks associated with fast installation campaigns and safety. These factors can lead to higher costs and uncertainty.

To simplify offshore operations and minimize overall campaign costs, many EPC contractors have chosen SHAREHOIST as their trusted partner for the development of bespoke offshore heavy lifting tools. Our customized solutions are specifically designed to mitigate risks and optimize lifting operations. By streamlining the interaction between existing equipment on construction vessels and the unique structures to be installed or removed, our heavy lifting tools ensure efficient and safe operations.


This approach brings numerous benefits, including reducing the required CAPEX investments for each project and minimizing the risks associated with longer installation campaigns. Our customized heavy lifting tools serve as the keys to offshore success, enabling meticulous planning and preparation of lifting operations. With SHAREHOIST as your partner, you can mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve cost optimization, setting a solid foundation for successful offshore ventures.