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Whenever buildings or infrastructure projects take shape worldwide, SHAREHOIST installations and drive systems are at the forefront. Our presence extends beyond construction sites, reaching the prefabrication of building elements. We specialize in providing solutions for mobile architectural elements, including traveling roof sections and rotating buildings.

Mechanical Engineering

As a reliable partner to the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, SHAREHOIST has been delivering tailored solutions for overhead load handling for decades. Our comprehensive range of lift and hoist product caters to the diverse needs of the mechanical engineering sector, offering products that range from lifting equipment for individual workstations to integrated logistics solutions for production facilities.

Metal Production

Metal Production

When it comes to operating a mill, choosing the appropriate lifting equipment is crucial for ensuring seamless operations and maximizing productivity. Understanding your current operational requirements and anticipating future changes is the first step in making the right equipment choices. At SHAREHOIST, we recognize the significance of tailored lifting solutions that align with your evolving needs. Whether it's unloading scrap, handling molten metal, shaping hot material, or facilitating storage, our range of lifting equipment is designed to meet the diverse demands of mill operations.

Mining Industry

The mining industry is known for its tough, dirty, and dangerous nature, encompassing some of the most demanding applications. It also holds the distinction of being the birthplace of the original air hoist.

mining industry


SHAREHOIST, with a strong focus on its Special Projects business unit, boasts decades of hands-on experience in delivering tailor-made heavy lifting tools for the offshore industry. Our expertise allows us to assist even the most demanding EPC contractors, providing inventiveness, practical knowledge, and a flexible approach to project execution. With full control over the development process, from design to fabrication and testing, we ensure the highest quality standards for our heavy lifting solutions, complying with applicable codes and standards such as DNV, ABS, and LLOYD.

Wind Power

SHAREHOIST's chain hoist represents the perfect fusion of form, reliability, operation, and safety. With its modern design and advanced technology, our electric chain hoist has established a prominent position in the wind power industry, both in Europe and around the globe, especially for small tonnage lifting applications. Designed to be compact, lightweight, and highly reliable, it offers unmatched ease of use and introduces a new level of safety in various working conditions, all while delivering an exceptional price/performance ratio.

wind power